9 апр. 2016 г.

Interview with Borislav Vakinov - head of Fasci Di Combattimento

Interview with Borislav Vakinov - head of Fasci Di Combattimento

IF: What does the title of your musical project means?

FDC: It simply translates as "The Combat Band" (as a military formation) or just "The Combat Group".it has very little  to do with any political ideology. I took the name from the Italian organization officially called  "Fasci Italiani di Combattimento" and created by Mussolini in 1914. Yeah, i know. This automatically makes me a fascist or a neo-Nazi, right?! Well, human ignorance, narrow-mindedness and stupidity are blooming in this generation and nowadays.  Nothing surprises me anymore. A name is just a name and it doesn't mean much if it's not intended in that way. For example:  If i decide to name my next project ''Skull and Bones'', does that makes me a free mason, Illuminati or a member a secret society? The answer is simple. It doesn't!

IF: Tell the story of your music project. How it all began?

FDC: Well, the initial idea was born in early 2009, and it finally began to took shape in July-August of the same year. Since i already had a sort of a martial industrial / electronic background in the face of "Schutzstaffel", the next logical step for me was to evolve into something different and rather personal.
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